Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering, Part 6...the POO

Are these not the cutest fluffy butts you've ever seen???

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I still kind of feared the disposing of poo aspect of cloth diapering. I mean, I've thrown away more then one pair of Spiderman and friends underoos for this same reason.

Then, I heard about flushable liners.

What? I can FLUSH the poo away?

Hmm...I wanted to know more.

So, Bummis sent me a pack of flushable liners and I got to review how well they kept poo from getting all over the diaper and making me want to rethink the whole CDing thing.

I mean...how many people can say they were actually wanting their kid to poo in a diaper?

The first few times I put the liner on top of Ethan's diaper...nothing happened. He pooed in the disposables whenever he was wearing one. Now, this was fine by me because if he was in a disposable, it meant Bart had him in his total care and I did not have to deal with poo of any kind.
However, I really wanted to see if these things work.
And then one day...we hit the jackpot of poo.

And guess what...the liners really did help keep the poo at bay. Shake it into the toilet, flush, and you are done. I was nervous because our toilet sometimes clogs if you sneeze too hard, but these did not cause any problems with our system. A few times the liner has moved a bit, and it does not keep ALL poo off the diaper, but compared to no liner, it is soooo worth it.

I make sure to include one in every diaper I stuff because you just never know when IT is going to HIT. When I put the diaper on, I just make sure it is under his bum really well and pull a little bit up over his winkie...he's a strong poo-er sometimes and I don't want to have a mess just because I didn't pull it over his junk. I also make sure that any extra on the sides is tucked into the diaper so it doesn't cause any leakage.

When I run out of the sample I got to review, I will be ordering more. I got size large because Ethan's a big baby...no need to not give him the coverage he needs ;)

Thanks Bummis, for showing me there IS a way to Cloth Diaper and not want to vomit every time #2 comes to town.

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Lori said...

That's awesome! I'm glad you liked them. =) The poo is what scares me, too. Which is why I don't cd.