Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lillou Handmade...go check her out

Lillou Handmade

Back in "the day"...there was a girl.
This girl lived right down the dirt path from me.
Yep, we both had to turn off the blacktop onto the crappy blacktop. Off the crappy blacktop onto the gravel. And then, off the gravel onto the dirt. Seriously.
She was best friends with The twins. If you don't know The Twins, well. Sorry for you. EVERYBODY knows The Twins.
She was my ride on more then one occasion to band related activities(she did batons,
I did flags, I do not play a musical instrument. sad.)...even though she is a year younger then me, she had her license before me. (Everyone except maybe Bart got their license before me.)
Even in college we got to be occasion friends, as she lived on the same tiny street as me (How many LDS did NOT live on East Boyd Drive is my question?)
And now, this girl...ERIKA has got an ETSY SHOP!

AND, to promote her new shop, she is having a giveaway.

For TWO LSU Christmas stockings.

Now, I know some of my readers are (vomit taste in mouth already) Nebraska fans...but if you win, you can just give them to ME! (Hey, you did almost win last night)

Geaux check out Lillou Handmade, enter the contest, and BUY SOMETHING from're helping out a really great friend.

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Kristen said...

I never lived on East Boyd...