Friday, May 9, 2008

Has It Been A Year Already?

We leave for our "big adventure" Monday. Brennan had his last day (for him) of preschool today and what ended with a party...a Mother's Day Tea, actually. The children "pampered" the mothers and sang some very sweet songs. They also served us our treats and made lovely table decorations for us to take home.
Brennan has changed so much during the past school year. I can hardly believe it's almost officially the beginning of the end...Kindergarten leads to first grade leads to junior high leads to graduation and college and marriage and grandchildren and retirement!!!! AHHH!!!!
A very special thanks to Mrs. Bockes and Mrs. Watkins...they work so hard each day to prepare the children for the future. Brennan can write his entire name as good as any elementary child, color a picture mostly in the lines, and skip, gallop, and hop on one foot, all thanks to their love and patience. He would not try for me, even with bribes of fruit bites or trips to the park or "special" movies. BUT, say Mrs. Bockes would like you to try X, and Brennan was quick to respond. Thanks ladies, because of you, grandparent birthday cards are much more personal and really have that "awww, how cute" factor. (Which, after all, isn't that why we send our children to school, anyways, so they can learn to be even MORE adorable???)

**Don't forget to pause the music player before you play the video**

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Angelkris said...

I love the kisses at the end!!