Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week One So Far

Monday we drove to Guthrie, OK (about 7-8 hours) and stayed the night with an old college/institute friend of mine, Erika, and her cute family. The boys had a blast feeding chickens and playing with the dogs and goats. We all enjoyed fresh goat's milk yogurt smoothies (seriously...YUM!) and we were sad to leave...BUT we were also anxious to get to Katy, TX, to spend a few days with the Bound's. So, after everyone got turns on the "real" 4-wheeler" (Grandma has a kiddie one, so Brennan was excited to ride a real one), we set off on day #2 for Houston, TX (another 7-8 hours).

Lucky for me, the boys were great passangers and the trip went by uneventfully.

At the Bounds, we did all kinds of fun things, as seen below... I'LL RACE YOU...a bounce house with a kiddie race track and tons of cool kiddie cars. After playing, the kids were famished, so we went to CiCi's Pizza. I learned Jackson LOVES alfredo pizza. He ate 2.5 pieces, which is a lot, even for some adults (but not me, I think I ate 20 pcs.)

For those of you who don't know, Brennan and Maddie have been bosom buddies since early, early childhood. Melissa and I met in Sept. of '03 and we became friends. We were together quite often, so of course our two cute kiddos were, as well. As they grew up, they loved to be together, even though there isa 9 months age difference between big deal as a 5/6 year5 old, but kind of a big gab at the age of 1/2. Age hasn't mattered, though, and these two hagve stayed friends, through moves to different states and everything. They both start kindergarten in the fall, so any age gaps have pretty much disappeared now. It was pretty funny when we were getting ready to leave...Brennan wrote his phone number on a paper and gave it to Maddie so she could call him. His first time to give his number to a girl, how cute.

We made it to LA finally (another 7 hours) and are glad to be out of the car. Thanks Daddy for picking us up, even if it was a LONG trip for you.
Now we're resting up and taking it easy. The kiddie 4-wheeler's battery has already died once, so you know the boys are having fun...oh, and watch out because JACKSON is tall enough to drive that crazy thing now!!!!

Waiting for Tuesday...Jeni's ultrasound and then she and Brooklyn comes to visit. YEA!

Oh, and Bart, I love you and hope it wasn't too hard to tame our jungle of a yard all by yourself.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Yay! You're here! I think this is just what you needed- a little stash of sunshine and cheer to brighten you up. Can't wait to see you!

Oh and Brennan giving out his number made me smile. How cute!

Jenn said...

Love the pick of Brennan and Maddie. He has this little lip pucker that is just too cute. I'm so excited you are here. Hey I'm having a Pampered Chef Party Thurs night if you don't have any plans I'd love to see you! Call me 202-3452. Tell Jeni about it too, I don't have her address.

Angelkris said...

Wow- looks like a great time. Thanks for the update!