Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lead Me, Guide Me

I was really touched today during sacrament meeting at church. It was fast Sunday and up until a few minutes before sacrament meeting began, I was still wishing I'd stayed home so I could take a nap (the downside of 15 hours of scrapbooking) while the boys were at church. Then, as I was going towards the chapel, I saw a man I thought looked familiar. I said, "Are you Bro. X.", to which he answered yes. I got really excited and told him not to go anywhere, I had a present for him in the Primary closet. I ran and got the present for his baby, Leo, and delivered it. When he told me his wife was in the mother's room, I was even more excited. See, in Oct., his wife had to have an emergency c-section to deliver her very premature triplets. Two of the three were only able to grace this world for a small amount of time. Leo, the second child, survived, and was making his first appearance at church at 6 months of age.
I was able to chat with Bro. X's wife and meet the sweetest little boy, too. mood improved a bit because I have kept that family in my prayers whenever I think of them and their struggles and I was glad they were doing well enough that they could venture out to church.
Then, Brennan bore his testimony. It was funny because he wanted to go, but then experienced the "technical difficulties" and said he was "too shy" (odd, I know!) So, Bart, being the superdad that he is, told Brennan to whisper his testimony in his ear and he'd relay it. It was so sweet and simple.
Brennan was thankful for his family, and class at church or something and then he said, "I am so glad I get to go see my Grandma and Papa Jeff next week." It validated our trip. I've been worried that 4 weeks is a long time to leave Bart, but when Brennan said that, I knew our trip was worth missing our loving husband/dad for a while.
Well, when Brennan sat down, Jackson said, "My turn!" over and over again, even asking nicely, "May...I...Love...You?" (his question for anything he really wants) So, I thought, "What the heck?" and brought him up so I could bear my testimony. I went quickly (Jack was being so good I didn't want to jinx it) then held him up to the microphone. I was nervous about what he'd do, but he looked very proudly at the crowd, said "bww" and then beared his face in my neck...awww, just melt your heart, right?
Well, I was feeling pretty good that things were going well when Bro. X got up to bear his testimony. Now, here is a man who lost 2 of his 4 children recently. Do you know what he said? He said he is grateful to be a father "again" (oldest son is 18 or so), even if Heavenly Father called two home early. He shared his strong testimony of the plan of salvation. He was able to be happy, even though he and his wife had lost so much.
I was touched by his strength and I pray that my testimony of the plan of salvation of Heavenly Father is as strong as his. I am grateful I was at church and able to hear his words and reaffirm my belief. I am thankful I have two kind and loving parents who ingrained these basic gospel principles into me, so that I have something to lean on, when times get tough. My family is so wonderful, and I am grateful for our health, happiness, and humor.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Jamie said...

Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us. You must be proud of those two boys. I always like hearing the little ones' testimonies (you're guaranteed that they will be to-the-point and won't include any rambling stories about personal injuries, etc).

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Thank goodness for the plan of salvation and for the honest words from wee babes. I love it! I agree with Jamie- thanks for sharing!

Jamie Girl said...

awwww...i have goosebumps!! what an amazing man!!! thanks for sharring this!! i love you

Destination Davis said...

Thank you for your amazing testimony, Jessica. It is amazing how we can choose to see all of the good that a loving Father in Heaven has given us, or not. The miracles occur when we are pushed to our breaking point. This brother's testimony is proof of that.