Saturday, May 10, 2008

Imagine my surprise when the knock at the door this afternoon was flowers...for me! With our finances on a spending freeze, I knew these weren't from Bart (or he'd be dead meat!), who were they from???
Only one of my best friends ever, Jamie Girl! Thanks for helping cheer my up. I plan on bringing them on the trip with me, so I can enjoy them on the drive.

Thanks to everybody who has called or sent an email or just said a prayer for our family right now, while Bart works so hard to find a new job.
Also, while I am thanking people, I'd like to thank Lexi, for the great peach tree we got a few weeks ago. I won a contest she did on her blog and her prize was a baby peach tree, delivered right to my door at the optimum planting time. What a great prize (even if I was the only one to enter!) We can hardly wait for the tree to grow and fresh peaches to abound.

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Jeni said...

Ooooo...pretty flowers. Me like. Me like.