Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!!!!

We're leaving for our trip Monday. Today I have been packing and getting things in order. Brennan and Jackson are ecstatic that it is almost time to see Grandma and Papa and PawPaw. They've both been doing some packing of their own. I wish I wasn't going to be around when they find out that the Star Wars suit case full of toys and socks is staying in Omaha while we go away.
At least they are trying to be helpful...

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Holly said...

That is so funny that they have their own suit case that they are packing. At first I thought, awww, she should let them bring their little suit case that they packed, then I remembered a recent trip that we took and all of the stuff that I had to pack.

I hope that we get to see y'all while you are in town.