Saturday, December 8, 2007

Snow Days!

It appears that I have been missed...and I haven't even been gone that long! (Just kidding, I like to make myself think I am loved)
Anyways, here is a pictorial of our past few days...and let's just say, it has included a lot of snow.

thursday-a self proclaimed snow day. they didn't cancel preschool, but we called in "snick". brennan helped our neighbor with the snow thrower. jackson and brennan loved playing outside in their snowsuits.

when bart got home from work, we had to go outside (in the dark and cold) and play some more.

friday brennan's preschool made gingerbread houses. it was really fun. the teacher had a signup sheet so there wouldn't be more than 8 kids and parents at a time. brennan had a blast and created the most colorful house of them all. he and ashley (in picture) were the only two afternoon kids to sign up for 8:30 a.m. i wonder why...
the other shot is one of the nativity we did at the church Christmas party. brennan was a sheep. he is the second kid kneeling from the left. you can't really see him. the party was okay, but i think a few people showed up and didn't bring a dessert or side dish. many LDS potlucks have you been to where ALL the food is totally gone at the end???

and finally, today! today i went scrapbooking with my friend diana while bart stayed home (and worried) with the boys and played out in the snow and inside, too. there was a winter advisory out, so bart was worried. the weather did cut our fun short, as we left at 5 instead of 9. the roads weren't too slick, but the ice that kept forming on diana's windshield made the 1 hour home much longer. we're all safe, sound, and warm now, so i'd call the day a success...we'll see about tomorrow...if they don't plow the streets, we may just have to call in "snick" to church!
so, how about you? what did you do this weekend?

6 Words to brighten my day:

Cathi said...

How fun! I miss living where there is snow! Seriously, it's like 80 degress outside right now, and it's December - where is the cold weather?!?

PapaJeff said...

I had a fun weekend!! (note - that is a sarcastic statement) I stayed pretty close to my hotel room in Hopewell, VA, watching TV and working on the computer. The excercise kicks off again tonight, so the week will be busy, but I get to go home on Saturday. Yeah!!

At least I have been able to catch up with some things on our family website at and updated addresses, etc, and invited more family to join us.

Maren said...

Oh, how I envy your snow! The kids just look so happy in it! Get this- today I wore a knee length skirt and sandals to the middle of DECEMBER! It seems like you're having a really great time there in Omaha. I can't say I don't wish you were here! Miss you tons! And I won't be able to come to your b-day bash b/c we'll be in Utah! UGH!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Brennan's gingy house is the coolest. I love the marble affect on the roof! The picture of the three of you in black and white looks like a classic picture from way back when- very cool. I told Troy that he should try to call in a snow day and see what everyone at work says. Maybe if I cross my fingers it might work! ;-)

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

P.S- It cracked me up to read 'snow thrower'- it took me a minute 'cause in Alaska they call them snow blowers! They also call snow mobiles 'snow machines' but if you say that anywhere else in the country, people think you mean the machines that make the snow- not the fun motorized 'snow sleds'! It's funny to read what things are called in different places! (Just like people who says 'New Orl-eens' instead of N'awlins or New Orl-ens'

thecaillouets said...

jackson looks just like brooklyn in that picture.