Tuesday, December 18, 2007

8 Years

For our anniversary, we went out to Vincenzo's for dinner. Vincenzo's is a little Italian restaurant in the Old Market in downtown Omaha. If you ever come to Omaha, you really should go to the Old Market for a few hours. They have some great shops and excellent food.
By the way, I had the nightly special, which was shark with fresh mozzarella and portabello mushrooms.

A quick snapshot taken by our waitress after dinner. Let's just say our jeans and sweaters were a bit underdressed compared to 95% of the other patrons.
Me on the bridge over the frozen pond at Gene Leahy Mall.
Both of us, as we freeze, on the bridge. After we listened to some carolers (they were everywhere!) and went in a few shops, we went to Delice for some hot cocoa. I got mine with pecan and caramel flavoring...a turtle hot cocoa...talk about heaven! There was a teenage guy playing guitar and singing, so we stayed a few minutes to warm up and enjoy some great music.
We had a great night, just the two of us. However, when we got to the babysitters house, we were greeted by a stomach flu infested Jackson. So...our fun times ended and nursemaid started.
Jackson is better now, and luckily no one else got it...I hope none of the Weaver's (our b.s.) wound up with it!

5 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

You looked so festive in your red and green! The turtle hot cocoa sounds divine- I love flavored hot cocoa and I especially love it piping hot. A lot of times it's luke warm when they're done making it so I end up nuking it. How was the shark? I've never eaten shark before- how fun is it to say that you had shark for dinner?! I'm glad that you guys had a fun evening out abd about. Looks like the carolers got the memo to seranade you guys ;-) Sorry to hear about the bug but thank goodness no one else caught it!

jess said...

shark was okay, i probably wouldn't order it again, though.
however, now i can say i have eaten shark and bart has eaten ostrich, so we are pretty well fed. :)

Jenn Wilson said...

I hate it when I'm underdressed at a restaurant. But that turtle cocoa sound dang good. Yall look like yall had a great time. The background of you on the bridge looks awesome, it's such a good pic of you.

Jeni said...

Can't beat a night out without the kids. Aaron and I went to ritzy restaurant for my birthday...we weren't under dressed, but we did under order. Everyone else had wine on their tables and Aaron and I had cokes! With straws! The bill was still pushing $100 even without the wine! How can people afford to drink alcohol?

Angelkris said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! Happy Anniversary!