Sunday, January 31, 2010

Toot, Toot

I'm not sure if it was the surprisingly easy time I had dropping Jackson off at Primary today (he usually takes about 5 minutes to warm up to church and today he just walked in, totally unassisted) or the fact that sacrament meeting doesn't even start until 3, the end of his nap time which he misses because of our meeting times, but Jackson was being rather cranky during the beginning of sacrament meeting.

Normally this would be no big deal as Bart and I would tag team, one of us staying in the pew with the other kids, one of us taking Sir Crankypants out for a little "talk" about how we behave in church. However, Bart woke up feeling blah, had to go in to an early morning work meeting, and decided to stay home and sleep. I left Ethan with him, and from what I hear, they both snoozed away from 1-4, until Ethan loaded his cloth diaper and DADDY had to change it...but that is a post for another day :). So, no tag team.

It was also ward conference, so the chapel was full of stake people. Stake people from nice wards where children sit quietly and listen and aren't cranky (Well, that's a ward in heaven, but you know what I mean) Sitting right behind me was a row of women who I think are part of the Young Women Presidency. Sitting right in front of me is Bro. Reed, all alone, probably enjoying the spirit of his day and looking forward to the talks to come.


Jackson, Mr. I am going to grab not one piece but a HANDFUL of sacrament bread and then crumble to bits the piece my mom gives me and be super cranky boy, all of a sudden, lets out a HUGE SMELLY LOUD FART.

I was so embarrassed...but then his manners kicked in and he says, "Excuse me.".....and that was it! None of his usual, "Mama, that was LOUD!" or "Whoa, that stinks!" business at the top of his lungs. Just a polite "Excuse me" as I have been teaching him for ages.

Though I was dying of embarrassment, I was proud of my little tooter and his perfectly timed use of manners.

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3 Words to brighten my day:

Lauren said...

Have you heard about "Celebrate the Boy"? Things for boys all month long!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Great story!!

Lexi said...

I'm always embarrassed when Chloe lets loose; and she can't even say anything for herself! :-)

For something that is so natural, we sure feel pretty horrified for something our bodies can't help! Way to go for the good manners (which can be helped).