Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Earthlust Water Bottles

A few months back, I received an Earthlust Water Bottle.
I have used it at least three times a week since then. I have a small arsenal of plastic water bottles, each as dissatisfying as the next. They all make the water taste like plastic. Gross. I want water that tastes like water.
Earthlust is 100% BPA free, made from food quality stainless steel, and help eliminate waste by providing a stylish bottle for you to tote around, instead of a plastic water bottle that you will just toss once you are done.
Go check out their fabulous designs...I really want one of all, just because they are so cute and trendy.
My friend has one, too, and says her only complaint is that water does not stay as cold as in an insulated bottle...this is not a con to me because I personally don't like ice cold water, but I did want to point that out, in case you do so you can check out their insulated mugs.
They are available online and in some shops...go enter your zipcode and see if they are at a store near you!

Now my only problem is...what to do with all those yucky plastic water bottles I've been collecting?

This review is my opinion. I was not paid for this, though I did receive a water bottle!

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