Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've got a sickness...

I really have a sickness y'all. It's bad. Ethan's birthday has come and gone (and I never really shared my pictures...I'll do that in a second!), my birthday has passed, and now there is...nothing. Until April (Jack turns 4) and June (Bren turns 7...holy crap!).
Here is where my sickness comes in. Yesterday, I deleted all my ideas I'd bookmarked for this year's parties (Mickey, Wii, and Zebra's). I cleared out the "favorites" on etsy I'd marked as inspiration.
And started dreaming...of the NEXT party.
Jackson will have a robot party...I found the cutest shirt on etsy and I might actually buy it instead of making my own! Shocker, right?
Brennan...well, we will be in Louisiana on his actual birthday. Scratch that. HE and Jack and Ethan will be in LA with my dad and brother. Bart will be in NE. My mom and sister (who live in LA) will be in TX at a cake convention. I, my favorite blogging friends, will be in Hattiesburg, MS, at a fantastic scrapbook convention, featuring Lisa Bearnson. It is being put together by one of my Texas BFF's moms and I am so excited.
Okay, back on track. Brennan's birthday will present a bit of a problem, timing wise. We won't be in NE at any time around his birthday. So, do I A) not worry about having a NE party, just do something in LA with his cousins and friends there B) have an early party, maybe at a park (are seven year olds too old for a field day at the park?) or Mahoney C) have a late party in NE...maybe at that cool pool downtown D) skip his birthday...he won't notice.'s a real sickness. As I've been logged on at work, this is what is tumbling around my head. Themes, treat bag ideas, banners, coordinating invitations and stickers...a sickness. And I LOVE it.

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PapaJeff said...

Don't worry about Brennan's birthday party. Since all 5 grandkids will be totally in my charge on his birthday, we will have a humdinger of a party. It may have no theme, or several themes. Justin will possibly not be here, either, because of school. The grandchildren will be MINE, ALL MINE!!!! mmmwwwwaaahhhhhhaaaaahhhhaaahhhhaaaa!!!!!