Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clash of the Molly Mormon/Alter Ego

Or should I say a coming together? Tonight we fed the missionaries, but I didn't do the, I hid them in our broken dishwasher. Also, I bought a thing of potato salad from a deli and put it into my own serving dish, throwing away the evidence.
See, perfect on the outside...wild woman on the inside :-)

3 Words to brighten my day:

Jenn said...

That's funny with the broken dishwasher... SO wait is it bad to make things from scratch? IS that Molly? I just like the way I do things better. Oh dear I sound like I'm giving myself too much praise. I'll hush now.

Lexi said...

Okay, I seriously laughed out loud! You are going to paint the town red you wild woman, you! What? No homemade potato salad?! I am shocked (and taking notes co I can copy cat). ;-)

Jessica said...

Making stuff from scratch is NOT bad, I just have no clue how to make pot. salad...Bart's mom made the best, and so do his aunt's, so I just always enjoyed theirs...I like homemade better, but since Aunt Linda or Jeanie aren't around to make it for me, the deli will have to.