Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Water Park in Our Own Backyard

Aren't grandparents great? We got back from our time in Baton Rouge and found this water slide waiting...Brennan and Jackson were so excited they could hardly wait to get on their swim suits.

Brennan dove right in whereas Jackson has yet to step foot in the pool. Maybe I will put on my swimsuit (sexy, I know) and help ease his fear tonight.

Monday we invited over Liz, Timothy, and Adaira to have a playdate and the kids played ALL DAY LONG!!!!! (Literally!) Needless to say, Brennan slept GREAT Monday night.

The water slide has not yet lose it's appeal, as Brennan is outside right now playing on it.

So, if any of you are ever in the Vidalia, LA area, stop by McClure's WaterWorld and go for a slide...admission is really cheap and if you are really lucky, you might just get some yummy cupcakes by Deseret Designs for a snack.

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The Awesome Rawsons said...

That is one awesome water park you got goin' on there! I'll be looking forward to a follow up post with you in your bikini :)j/k