Friday, June 13, 2008


I am so grateful for the blessings I have. Lately I have been ignoring the good and focusing on the bad, but life isn't all bad. There is good, and there are good people who help me see this.

I am grateful I found, and if any of you need mommy friends, see if you can find a great group like this one. Last night, one of my friends from the group, Kris, brought over a "welcome home" gift from a few of the ladies...a big box of diapers and a $50 Wal-Mart gift card! Talk about a blessing. We had about ten diapers and we are going to be missing an entire paycheck, because of the way Bart was hired.

I am grateful that I have friends who care about me enough to try and help me feel better and help me have a few of the things I need...because even shampoo and toilet paper are important in the scheme of things.

This may sound silly, but I am grateful for all of you guys blogs, too. They help me stay connected with each of you, even if we don't actually talk or email that often. I may like Omaha, but sure do miss all my friends, whether you be in Florida or Utah or Louisiana. I am so grateful to have kind and loving friends, people who really care about me and my family, or at least do a great job pretending.

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Destination Davis said...

I'm grateful for you too, Jessica!!! You've always set such a fine example, lived the Gospel to it's fullest and truly care about those around you. You are wonderful, life is wonderful, and I'm so grateful you're a part of mine!!!