Monday, June 30, 2008


You never really realize how dependent you are upon electricity until it is taken away. Friday afternoon, around 4:45, a storm blew in from nowhere (at least to me who was not watching t.v. it was from no where). We instantly lost power and ran to the basement because I noticed two different sirens were blaring outside...was a tornado coming?. I have never heard a storm so loud. Hail pelted the ground, wind ripped trees from the ground, and rain flooded many streets and basements. The boys and I sat in the basement, them under a heavy desk, as we read stories and sang songs to keep them distracted from the terrifying noises going on right outside our home.
Once the nose died down and the rain stopped, we ventured outside. In less than 1/2 an hour, huge limbs were ripped from their trees, gardens were ruined, and life became a little more exciting for a few days.
Clean up is still underway. Lucky for us we lost no trees (the peach tree lives on Lexi!), but that could be because we only have a few small trees in our yard. Many, many, many of our neighbors are not so lucky. Trees knocked holes in roofs, littered the streets, and knocked out power. The boys and I started picking up limbs and Bart joined us when he finally made it home from work. When a town this size loses almost all electricity, it makes for very slow going on the surface streets and it took Bart longer then usual to get home.
Thankfully we are safe and unharmed. Next time...who knows. I do know we were protected by Heavenly Father. I know I am thankful our neighbor's huge tree decided it was stronger then the winds and didn't blow over onto our home...some aren't that lucky. And most importantly...I am thankful for electricity, because without it, life is rather expensive.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Maren said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad you guys are ok. How scary!

Emily said...

I'm glad your electricity is back (and phone too)!!!

Holly said...

That sounds like a bad storm. I'm glad you guys didn't have any bad damage. I'll bet it was a little scary hanging out in the basement.

Lexi said...

Don't you love how no matter where you live, there is always some scary natural occurance that happens? In Alaska, it was earthquakes, in Louisiana, it's hurricane's and flash flooding from rain. If we move to Texas it could be droughts or floods or tornadoes. Up where you are it sounds like snow, hail and wind storms. You gotta love mother earth. Thank goodness you were all okay! Good thing that your place escaped damage and that Brennan's party could go on without a hitch. I love the new blog background by the way. Very cute with the polka dots!