Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Bought A Zoo (Pass)

We really love the Omaha Zoo. If you are ever in Omaha, you should make it a priority to go there one day!  Just wear comfortable shoes as there is lots of walking.

Last year we didn't buy a season pass, so we only went to the zoo once, with someone who shared her pass.  It is just too expensive to go without a pass...they pay for themselves in two visits!

Well, we bought a pass and we are very excited to be heading out more often. The pass includes free IMAX movies so today we saw the Sharks 3-D movie...I am not a fan of 3-D movies, they look fuzzy to me and don't really POP.  Bart thought the glasses made me look amazing!

I have to say, Bart looks pretty HOT in his glasses as well.

It was very windy, so we ate our lunch in the Desert Dome...I didn't want all of our food blowing away and forcing us to buy zoo food...maybe the wind was generated by the zoo to get people to buy more concessions?  IDK but I think I am on to something...b/c it sure wasn't that windy the rest of our visit, just during lunch.

Either way, we had a great time and can't wait to go back. The boys LOVE exploring the map and plotting out where to go next...I can't wait until all the exhibits are open/finished being re-constructed/etc, and we can actually go to all the things they want.  I am especially excited to see the renovated aquarium. 

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PapaJeff said...

I want to go, I want to go!!! I don't know if we'll make it up this year, with the new shop starting and all. Boo Hoo:( Real tears, especially if y'all don't get to come down here:(!