Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brennan's Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet

Last night was Brennan's Cub Scouts banquet.  He was so excited for this event and it made me happy to see him anticipate it.  The little boys got into the excitement as well and Ethan kept saying, "Mom, I go to CUB SCOUTS tonight!!!!"

Here are a few pictures of the event.  Brennan helped design the cake (though the main idea to put the scout patches around the side came from Sandi...Brennan still thinks he did it, and he is VERY proud of this fact)

Doing a word find w/ all the kids and leaders names in it, plus Cub Scout words, before dinner.

Brennan was the Assistant Denner and led the flag ceremony.



Brennan earned a few belt loops

Brennan leading the ending flag ceremony.


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