Monday, March 12, 2012

Following Directions

Anyone who has met a strong willed child (or adult for that matter) knows it can be a challenge at times to get them to follow directions.  Especially when they have their mind set on one thing.
Well, Ethan is a strong willed child...I try very hard to not just give in (to make my life easier in the here and now) but to make sure he follows through with the things I ask him to do.
Here is what happened today.

Ethan:  I want some cherrios.
Jessica:  Okay, but you need to put this jello into the fridge so you can eat it later and bring me a bowl.
E:  Okay.
Takes bowl and goes to kitchen.  I hear door to fridge open, shuffling in fridge, E returning to me.
J (looks at bowl that has blue jello remnants in it):  Ethan, where is the jello?
E:  In the fridge!
J:  Where did you get this bowl?
E:  The kitchen.

 I did not fuss at Ethan, because he DID do what I asked (a miracle, he is so stubborn most times), just not the way I envisioned it.  After I cleaned up the jello, I did have him wipe at the fridge some and we talked about why food stays IN bowls unless we are putting them in the sink.

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Anna said...

Sorry, I had to laugh at that. Kids are so literal sometimes :)