Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brennan FINALLY learns to ride his bike!

Let it be known that at the age of eight years, eight months of age, Brennan FINALLY learned to ride his bike.


Because I told him he could not ride his too small scooter which made him look silly or just run behind his friend when A. "does loops" around our street on his bike.  I told B the only way he could participate is if it was on a bike.  And that was motivation enough to get him trying on his own! Bart has worked with him many times in the past with no luck of letting go of the back of the bike.
This is a great thing because I was starting to think I would need to look into special services through the school to help him with this handicap he had.
Good job Brennan! 

P.S.  These pictures were taken on the first day he did it all by himself (Monday).  Since then he's gotten much steadier and confident. 


2 Words to brighten my day:

PapaJeff said...

Yahoo!!! Congratulations, Brennan! Now that you have learned to ride a bicycle, maybe one of these days you can learn to ride another kind of bike:).

thecaillouets said...

I was beginning to feel bad for Brooklyn who can't ride her bike very well yet. Sophia doesn't even try hers. She would rather run behind Brooklyn! Tell Brennan we said Congratulations and he has now given me hope to not give up on the girls!