Friday, October 14, 2011

Potty Training Time

Ever since we returned from our adventures in Louisiana, I've been having this nagging thought in the back of my mind..."It's time to get Ethan out of diapers" it will say. 

"But no, I am too busy doing X, Y, and Z" I will respond, and slap another Target brand diaper on his naked-tina butt.  Putting it off for another day.

Then...ALL his friends started potty training.

AND he developed a rash on the inside of his thunder thigh.

So, one day last week he was pantless/diaperless for the morning to give it some air.

And Ethan cried.

And he screamed.

And he refused to leave his doorframe for an HOUR.  Finally, Toy Story 3 won over and he sat in the chair (covered in a triple folded towel) and watched a movie, with me taking him potty every 30 minutes.  At lunch he got a diaper back on and you would have thought I'd given him the best prize ever he was so happy.

Then, yesterday, when I went to get him dressed, I just didn't get a diaper.  I got a pair of big boy underwear.  Well, he wanted nothing to do with that.  But we had no where to go that day so I thought, "Hey, you will be diaperless all day...I don't care!"  And the voice in my head didn't pop off with a reason NOT to do it, so he was diaperless.  I was glad my voice in my  head didn't argue with me.  It likes to do that and cause me to doubt myself.
Expressing Independence:  he dressed himself.  Only allowed to do such things on days we have NOWHERE to go, lol.

After about the second or third trip to the potty, he asked for big boy pants so he wouldn't be naked-tina any more (that is what he says anytime he sees anyone missing any part of their clothing, whether it be the shirtless punk who came to pick up a kid at school, a Jackson getting his pants on in the morning, or full out NAKED in the bath with his brother).  After that, he was fine.

Today I was getting his pants and he came and asked for the Spiderman underwear.  Cool.

It went okay today, but I think he is getting tired of me taking him potty every time Nick Jr. or Disney goes on commercial break.  Whatever.  I am not disciplined enough to do the traditional 3 day method, so we are doing the m&m's and as much t.v. and toys in the living room (read:  hard wood floors) as you want method. 

Today, there was an "incident"  You see...I stepped in something that looked yellow on the floor in the kitchen.  Now, it seemed like more then an almost 3 year old's bladder would I am sticking to my "it's from the apple juice he insisted on pouring himself" theory.  Let's not test that hypothesis, m'k?

We will see how the weekend goes, with brothers and daddy and a trip to the fabric store and Posh Princess to make a delivery...keep your fingers crossed for us!

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