Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Say NO

***Pictures are 100% unrelated to the post, but I just took them Saturday so I wanted to share. :)

Sometimes I have a problem.
See, I want to please everyone around me (even strangers sometimes) and I seem to get myself into a pickle with not having enough time to do it all or I rush and do everything sloppy, not something I like at all.
Recently someone asked me to do something that I think I'd actually be very good at...but I turned her down.  When I ran the idea by Bart, he looked at me like I was crazy for even suggesting it, what with cakes, etsy, craft fairs, family, church, etc, etc on my plate.
So, I embraced saying no, even though it leaves my friend in a bit of a bind until she find someone to be the right fit to say yes.
Then, last week, Bren's teacher asked me to cut some things out with my Silhouette for his class.  IF it had been after my next craft fair (11/5), but not right now, I just have too much to juggle.  But, I felt a moment of guilt...I mean, she is the one who is with my son all day, who is teaching him and loving him and helping him become a good citizen.
But, I kindly but firmly said no, I could not help cut out scarecrows for the third grade.  It was so hard to say  no, but I did, and I was so relieved I did!  I'd cut things out before, and won't mind doing it again in the future, but I just knew I had to say no for my sanity.  YAY ME!
Do you ever say no to some of those requests coming your way?  Or do you feel obliged (as I often do) to just try and do it all, sleep, housekeeping, and your family be damned?
Sometimes, just saying no, to keep your sanity together, and yourself and your family, is very important.  :)

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