Thursday, June 23, 2011

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Today while the vet was examining Lexie, Brennan was a constant stream of gibber gabber.  He is always a little chatter box, but today he was in rare form. 
And the best part is he is hilarious even though he totally doesn't mean to be.
The vet said something along the lines of "he's just the uncle he doesn't have to keep birthdates straight".  Brennan responds with, "Yeah, my uncles don't get their life.  I mean, the things they send in packages are just, weird.  They totally don't get life at all.  I mean, that (video) game Uncle Will sent.  What was he thinking?"
The vet, vet tech, and I all sort of look at each other and laugh.
Good thing Brennan is not like Ethan...otherwise we'd have had an almost eight year old rolling all over the floor screaming and crying because he did something to entertain us.

(There will be no picture of Lexie and the boys at the vet because GROSSNESS, poor rent a dog got a nasty infection, but she will be fine after 2 weeks of hot dog flavored antibiotics.)

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Jenine said...

Oh how funny. My girls babble constantly to just about anyone after the initial shyness is overcome.

You can tell your son that he's not the only one that gets sent strange things from relatives. My parents (bless them, they're in their 70s) send the most outrageous things to the girls. The girls just open the box and give me a strange look. My usual response is to shug, give them an apologetic look, and tell them to dash off a thank you note. :)

Hot dog flavored antibiotics huh? Wow. I didn't even know they came flavored for critters' palettes.

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