Monday, June 20, 2011

Brennan is turning EIGHT so we are going to celebrate (with an etsy sale!)

see his fabulous mustache tie tack?  awesome, right!
Brennan loves my bow ties more then anyone else I know.
In fact, when I prepared a polo shirt for him to wear today to church, he was very upset that he could not wear a bow tie or neck tie with it.  :)
He turns eight next Sunday.  In one week.
Turning eight for an LDS kid is kind of a big deal.  See, they can get baptized when they turn eight.  Brennan has been working hard to prepare himself and make sure he wants to get baptized and he feels (and we do and the bishop) he is ready to do this.
But, I digress....
for now, we are talking about me ;)
See, Brennan is having a MAN party for his birthday, inspired first by his love of dress up neck ties and bow ties and my love of mustaches right now (fake, NOT real).
Since he loves the ties so much, I am having a sale in my etsy shop from now until Saturday at midnight.
ALL neck ties are $8 each, plus shipping, the very few bow ties I have left are $4.25 plus shipping.
Considering other then that very rare % off sale I just had, I don't lower my already REALLY low prices, I'd say this is a great deal and I'd encourage you to hop over to my etsy shop right this second and order some.  If you want more then 1 of any size, send me a convo and I will set up a listing.
OH, and I almost forgot the best part....EVERY SINGLE NECK TIE you buy comes with a FREE mustache tie tack!  Yep.  Awesomeness!  Or you can buy them separately for $3 each.
AND, if you tweet (@jessremington and include a link to the shop, ) or post on Facebook about this sale (make sure you @ Confetti Creations AND click that little UNlock button so I can SEE the comment on Facebook on my Confetti Creations wall), I will give you a top secret code for 10% off your total purchase price as well as those sale prices!  I will ask that you please not share the code as it is SO easy to get it sent directly to you!

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