Monday, June 13, 2011

Mr. Independence

This month has been a busy one, but I am not a blogger to not blog for a while and apologize for my lack of posting.  I must live my life and it provides fodder to write about...and I am constantly composing posts in my head.  If only they made it ONTO the blog!  ;)
Today you are in luck, because one of those well thought out posts (you know, day dreaming as the Ethan-nator screams his head off, a "take me away" kind of moment) is coming to you!
My parents came to visit last month.  We are doing a "rent a dog" program for the month where they are letting the boys "borrow" Lexie, their golden retriever, for the month, to see if they are as serious about wanting a dog as they (and my dear husband {who bought me coconut m&m's when he FLEW to the store tonight to buy a phone since the batteries in our phone died and I work until two tonight!} also REALLY said he wanted) say they are.
While here, my mom, my NE bff (I have a bff in several states, doesn't that make life that much better?), and myself went shopping.
A lot.  As in, for D.A.Y.S.
She got a new outfit for my brother's wedding, Idaho reception, and Mississippi reception.  I got a new dress for the receptions, plus a new dress just because it was beautiful and I tried on 7.3 million dresses to find one for my sister to wear to the Mississippi reception. 
Side note:  Do you know how HARD it is to find a perfect dress for someone you have not seen in a year who recently lost over 15 lbs and doesn't know what size she is AND has bigger boobies then me?  Yeah, REALLY hard!
Anyway, back to me and my small boobs.  Nah, just me.  I tried on a beautiful dress that will hopefully be perfect for my sister.  It was perfect for me (lol) and both my Megan and my mom agreed.  However, they only had ONE dress in that size, the size I needed and assumed she did as well.  Being the awesome big sister that I am, I said it was Jeni's dress, not really wanting to spend money that day, anyway.  But, as we were checking out, my mom ordered one for me to be delivered to that store later in the week!

YAY Mom, right?  Right!

So, back to the title of the post "Mr. Independence"....
The beautiful dress arrived at the store Thursday evening and I got the call.  Yay!  I can wear it to a church event Saturday evening!
So, plans are made to go to the mall Friday after Bart gets off of work.
We load up the kids, the stroller, us, and head to the mall.  When we get there and park, the most unusual and unexplainable thing happens.
The older boys get their seat belts off and sit, waiting for the signal to get out.  Ethan is pulling on his seat straps like a mad man (as if we'd ever leave him!).  I get out the stroller and get Ethan to put him in it. 
Ethan starts throwing a tantrum and actually says, "Mama NO stroller, I walk."
I was overcome with  utter confusion and puzzlement.  What did these words coming out of my two year old's mouth mean?  Where had he learned such non-sense?  And how was I going to convince him that he was W.R.O.N.G. and that he would be riding in that stroller?
Neither Jackson nor Brennan had ever revolted over the stroller.  In fact, Jackson still begs to ride in the jogging stroller from time to time.  Brennan was only booted out when Ethan was born and took his spot.
Ethan even loves his stroller.  At home he hangs out in it sometimes, like it's the most happening place in the house to be.
So, these words of rebellion, of war, of absolute anarchy, came as a total shock to my system.

However, being the Mother Of The Year that I am, I quickly recovered my senses and got the situation under control.

"Ethan", I say as sweetly as possible, calm, as if talking to a tiger in the wild, "Don't you want Daddy to push you in the stroller?"

And he quickly climbed in, ready for Daddy to push him around the mall.

Crisis averted, for now.

But what do I do about a child who actually thinks he has the right to overrule Mommy?  Now that, my dear bloggy bff's, is the question.  ;)

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Lori said...

You must be mother of the year. =) That was handled quite well, I think. Alex goes back and forth between wanting everything done for him (sometimes I swear he would let me chew his food for him if it meant less work for him) and "NO. I do it." It's that bi-polar personality coming out again.