Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jackson turns 2...part one

Yep, that's ice cream in his eyelashes...

The actual day:
Jackson turned 2 on Sunday, April 6, so he got to celebrate by watching General Conference, playing at home, and spending time with his family. We had a homemade, 100% from scratch hummingbird cake with cream cheese icing to commemorate the event. (I plan on making the Martha Stewart cupcakes once I have a kitchen torch) He opened a few presents and we ended the evening on the deck, enjoying the good weather (it's really hit or miss around here with the weather) and the new bubble machine Jackson got. I highly suggest getting your little ones bubble machines...those things are great. They make tons of bubbles and keep the kiddies entertained for a long time. Now, we have only used it once...after Sunday the weather took a turn for the worst, but we'll be using it again soon (today, high of 48...Thursday, high of 68!) and we can't wait.

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