Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dan Zanes!

After the concert

The back of our friends heads, and DZ in background as they walked around the audience to leave.

A. and B. dancing away at the end of the concert

What's a date with Mommy without a special treat? Maggie Moo ice cream! (great idea M.!)

Saturday afternoon Brennan and I got the chance to go see Dan Zanes. A friend had two extra tickets and was attending Jack's party, so at the last second we decided to go with them. I'd only heard a few of his songs from Playhouse Disney, but figured Brennan should like the group...needless to say, we both loved the concert. Dan Zanes has a great group of musicians and does a great job of getting the crowd into the concert, which is a hard/easy thing to do (depending on how you think about it) since 2/3 of the audience is under the age of 10.
If you ever get the chance, I really recommend taking your children to a Dan Zane's'll love it, I promise.

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