Sunday, April 27, 2008

Banged up eye, smashed fingers, and dinosaurs

Jackson fell face first on Brennan's bed...face first into the headboard. I have never met a clumsier child. (Oh, and I can't get a good picture of the eye, this is the best I could get. BTW, his nose is scratched from falling on a storage unit on the way out of preschool)
It's pretty funny when you ask him what happened to his eye, though. He says, "Bed." and sounds really pathetic.
When you say, "Is that how you hurt your eye?" to confirm his answer, he says (every time), "Yes Ma'am"
At least the boy has some southern manners.

This is a few of the pictures we took at some museum in Morrill Hall at the University of Lincoln. I think Bart is getting a little jealous of the fact that we are leaving leaving for 4 weeks to go "home" and he has to stay, he planned a little outing that just so happened to end with supper at Raising Canes...coincidence??? I think NOT!

And finally, Friday was a busy day and we ran a lot of errands. At one point, I managed to slam Brennan's left thumb in the door. He cried (a lot), but after a while agreed to go to school because he didn't want to miss out. At school all afternoon, his teachers told me he'd make comments like, "I can't do that, my thumb hurts TOO much." and "I would, but this ice pack can't be moved." Just silly things. Anyways, when I picked him up and apologized (again) for smashing his thumb, I asked if he'd ever forgive me. He said, "Mommy, I will forgive you for hurting my thumb, but not today. Maybe tomorrow."
I am glad to report that when asked, Brennan says he forgave me yesterday and his thumb feels "really better" today. Thank goodness.
So, new car rule...Brennan is not allowed to OPEN the doors (he once banged another car, the lady was right there, she was rude, blah, blah, blah...oh, BTW, her car was all dinged up anyways!) and I am not allowed to CLOSE his door.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Anonymous said...

sounds like our Brennan's have the same personalities.

Anonymous said...

I dont know why but IU could sign our name so Im telling you know that the last post was from jim and janel

Jamie Girl said...

oh baby! those poor boys... you have to give them the "scars are cool" speech, maybe that might help! it just makes my heart hurt hearing about those bobos!! please give them a hug and a kiss for me!!!

Holly said...

I'm glad Brennan forgave you, kids are so funny. Doesn't it kill you when they get hurt and especially when you have something to do with it!

Poor Jackson, his clumsiness reminds me of my niece Madalyn. The funny think is, when she trips or falls she always acts a little shocked, like that kind of thing never happens to her.