Monday, February 4, 2008

enliven your sense of smell

As we entered Wal-Mart for the dreaded bi-weekly grocery shopping trip, Brennan got very excited.
"What is that GREAT smell Mommy?"
"It's just the way Wal-Mart smells Brennan."
"No. What is it? It smells sweet."
And we were off...sniffing deeply and identifying all the smells of Wal-Mart, from popcorn and fresh bread at Subway to the produce to the animal care products. Everything has a smell...and it was our mission today to figure out what it was.
So, take a minute and smell the roses. You might just be surprised at how new and exciting the mundane becomes.

2 Words to brighten my day:

The Roundy's said...

Brennan is a funny kid. I never would have thought Wal-Mart has a great smell. I'm going to pay attention the next time I go, though!

Holly said...

How funny. Aren't kids great! I have found myself doing odd things at Kailey's request. BTW, I couldn't stop laughing at the comment that you left on Jamie's blog, the one with Reginald, that was so funny. Thanks for a good laugh.