Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tiger Bait

Well, my husband is just as superstitious as the next LSU fan, so when he couldn't find his white LSU trucker hat Saturday evening, he started to get nervous. This is the exact same hat that he lost in 2003 when we played Florida. He had worn this hat for every other game, and we won every other game.
Anyways, this hat, along with all his "gris-gris" from his mother, were unaccounted for. The "gris-gris" have been missing all season, so Bart believes even when they are unpacked, they should stay out of sight for now. As Bart watched the first half and reviewed it play by play with Will G., he could hardly stand it.
However, a very through search of his laundry basket (on his honey-do list) revealed the missing hat.
Once he put the missing hat on his head, things started looking up for LSU.

See, it's the important things, like hats and tee-shirts, of LSU's loyal fans, that win the games...not skill or luck.

Just remember this the next time your other half is frantic because his favorite team is about to play and he can't find his lucky underwear, or avocado seed, or false teeth...whatever it is, because it is important for the survival of the team.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Jeni said...

Yes, yes, yes. It was the all the hats, the T-shirts, and love that got LSU through their game last night. And all those good Mormon boys who went to conference! Right? LSU had Mormons on their side!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

My mormon skipped, so maybe that's why the 1st half was slacking.