Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Road Rally

Jessica and Kasey...Road Rally Masters
My tiny hamburger and giant onion rings...a victory supper from Don and Millie's...pretty yummy (esp. late at night)!

My friend Kasey told me about the Corvette Club Road Rally a few months ago. This Saturday (as LSU battled Kentucky to the bitter end), she and I had a blast as we drove all over Nebraska and Iowa on a quest to win the trophy.
I had never heard of a Road Rally before, so it was a lot of fun to participate and learn at the same time. Basically, you are given a set of about 400 clues with some questions thrown in. The clues lead you around town as you search for the answers to the questions on billboards and store signs. The clues lead you to a final destination where there is a party and the awards are given out. It is a fun way for the Corvette Club to raise $$$ for themselves and some charity, too.
I was a little apprehensive about the rally at was pouring down rain, but the more we drove around, the more excited I got to finish 'first'. The rules are too complicated (to me) to explain it all exactly to you, but let's just say, I really think Kasey and I won...we didn't stick around to find out, though, so I am hoping the old guy will call tomorrow with the good news.

Oh, and Kasey, I still think the lady at the toll bridge knew who Mr. Ed was...crazy old coot! (Not me, I just ran up to the toll bridge after we'd paid and driven off, knocked on her window, and asked nicely "Who is Mr. Ed?" So, not me...toll bridge lady...she's crazy!!!!)

5 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

That sounds like so much fun...even in the rain!

Kathy said...

sounds fun!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Those look like fabulous onion rings to end the night with. What a fun idea! I wonder how many people were speeding to each destination- certainly not you girls ;-)

Maren said...

I can picture you totally getting into that! Sounds fun!

jessica and bart said...

those onion rings were the perfect greasy end to the night...but you couldn't speed...there was a road master who created the course and had people drive it beforehand to create an average time...if your time was too small, you got docked're time had to fall in the average times...hard and tricky!