Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cookies, Candy, Wolverines, and Brennan

Today is a great day for dentist everywhere. We are their job security.
Bart bought over $100 of candy for some promotion West is doing (because we all know that we work better when a single piece of candy is held over our head.)
Brennan and I decided that the candy needed to be open and mixed up so that the employees will get a variety. We had a lot of fun doing that, as you can see. We may have eaten a piece or two as we did this manual labor, too, to help us have the strength and energy to finish the job.

Our next door neighbors are having a Michigan VS. Notre Dame football party and they brought us some very yummy cookies to celebrate the occasion. We only recently met Kim, one of the neighbors, and Brennan is in love with her. He asks at least once a day, "Remember when we met that nice lady next door and I was on my bike?" So, thanks Kim and fam. for the great treats!

Brennan did get a little bit more sugar than normal, but we don't mind, because we are dropping him off at a babysitters house and going out for a little while tonight! As long as we remember to brush his teeth before he goes to bed, he should be alright...even if we are giving Bryan (cousin dentist) a heart attack.

Oh, and one final thing...those of you who are regulars to the blog may have gotten an email about Brennan's schools fund raiser. If any of you are interested, go to Brennan's school number is 103574 and his student number is R54693C. Don't feel obligated to buy something, because you will have shipping to pay, too, but if you just want something, get it...oh, and I personally think that the magazine subscriptions are the best deal, and there is no shipping...You only have until Sept. 19 or 20, so if you want some, get some.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

I love the picture of Brennan rolling in the loot! If I didn't know it was for Bart's work, I would say Brennan made out like a bandit because it looks like a really big Halloween candy stash. So fun!

jessica and bart said...

yeah...that would be an AWESOME halloween was 'just the good stuff'.