Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All Tuckered Out

Last night we went on a walk around our neighborhood. We left our home at 6:45, thinking we'd be back within half an hour. Well, we took a street we hadn't been down, discovered an overpass for the interstate (it is relatively close to home, and yes, we do hear cars...boo) and explored the other side of the interstate. I was very freaked out to walk across the interstate...you are so high and the cars are so fast, but we did it. Oh, and don't worry...it was one of those covered things that keep the pedestrian safe. Because of discovering this secret road, I can now take what I believe will be a 'short cut' to Brennan's preschool! Yeah. Now, instead of driving two whole miles on a main road, I think it will only be about 1.5 miles on side streets. The plus side? LESS TRAFFIC. Now, Omaha is NO Baton Rouge...it does not take 1.3445 hours to get from Airline Hwy to Denham Springs on I-12, but it did take me 15 minutes to travel the two miles home last Friday. ( I think there was a wreck slowing up traffic.)
Okay, so I am rambling, but that is what I do best.
We had fun, but as you can see, Jackson couldn't last the entire trip. We finally made it home right before 8 p.m. We are already planning how to better our next adventure walk!

4 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

we love to go on walks too. brooklyn loves to see all the dogs and the kids getting on the bus. we were getting ready to go this morning and trent started worrying that someone would pull up in a van and pull us in, so we didn't go this morning

Maren said...

I am jealous that Jackson is wearing a jacket!

jessica and bart said...

if you're jealous of the jacket...you should see what he's sleeping in now...footy fuzzy p.j.'s!

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Yay for new shortcuts! I love it when you find the less traversed ones!