Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Life Lesson

We babysat for a friend Saturday. The Weaver's have a 4 year old girl and an 18 month old boy. So, both of our boys had their own playmates.
Brennan and McKayla had a blast playing together, but I do believe Brennan was a bit confused at times about why McKayla didn't like some of the things he did. McKayla did not want Spiderman fruit bites, she wanted her Princess ones. She did not want a Superman band-aid, she'd rather have a neutral one. She did not want to play train wreck, instead she wanted to color or play the electric toy guitar or carry around her brother. She did run the show and tell Brennan where to go and when to do things. Just as a girl should...
Brennan loves Care Bears, Spiderman, Strawberry Shortcake, trains, 4-wheelers, and got Hello Kitty toys at McDonald's instead of the dumb wheels they had for boys. Now, by no stretch of the imagination is Brennan a sissy, but he also just doesn't know the difference between 'boy things' and 'girl things'. He sure has a lot to learn. I don't see anything wrong with him liking Care Bears. I don't know why some people freak out if a boy says he likes the color pink. And I don't understand why a boy can't have a baby doll, too. (They get baby siblings, too!) So, Brennan is going to be very confused for a while, once he starts preschool, as the girls do the 'girl things' and the boys do the 'boy things'. I hope that Brennan can find that fine line between being "all boy" and being a sissy. I hope he can play with anybody, boy or girl, monster trucks or play house; that nobody gives him "cooties"; and that he is always kind and Christ-like to all he meets.

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Cathi said...

It's amazing how other people will stereotype which toys your kids should play with based on gender. I'm just glad that we have a boy and a girl, that way we have plenty of toys for both genders and it's not a big deal if they switch up. Ainsly loves legos and cars, Dawson loves her baby doll stroller. It's just the way they are and as long as they are having fun, who cares?