Thursday, August 30, 2007

Geaux Tigers!

Football season has started again and we are so excited. LSU football is a way for us to share a little bit of our 'home' with the people of Nebraska. We had a party in honor of the start of the new season, inviting over a few of Bart's co-workers and a guy from Mississippi who is a State fan.
Between the jambalaya and chocolate pie we had a meal fit for a king and everyone left a few pounds heavier than when they got here.
Bart did his traditional hand clap/slap rituals, but he also started jumping a lot (something he couldn't do in Baton Rouge because of the location of our apt.). He didn't yell too much, so he is not hoarse. He did, however, "shave" his head. And by shave, I mean the clippers had a #3 guard on them. (I didn't want him to go all the way!)
So, overall it was a great start to what is destined to be a great season.
Oh, and the game isn't quite over yet, so I can't give you a final score, but I can tell you that LSU beats MS a lot.

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