Friday, August 24, 2007

I Went on Down to the (Henry Doorly) Zoo....

This week has been really busy! We've had three playdates in a row! Although it's been a little hectic, it's been fun. (I don't believe I will do three in a week again, though!) Wednesday we went roller skating, Thursday we went to the mall for our first My Omaha Mommies playdate, and Friday we went to the zoo with the Barua's, Weaver's, and Evan's. Three of the four 'older' kids are in Sunbeams together at church and Eden is just a little bit younger. The kids had a blast and so did we. The gorillas were a lot of fun because they were eating up the attention they were getting, following us as we walked away and even posing once or twice. The sea lions were doing tricks and splashing all about. (We even got to see the zoo keepers feed the sea many of you have at one time or another dreamed of that job? Or feel you currently have that job???) Everyone (even the animals) was in a great mood...maybe it was the AWESOME weather we are's been raining a lot but it was a gorgeous morning...overcast (so not too sunny), cool, and breezy.
Overall, it was a fun way to wrap up a fun-filled week.

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