Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Little One and Me

Disclaimer: No, I am not pregnant, I am just fat in unfortunate areas.

Ethan and I have been having lots of together time since Jackson started school four weeks ago.  We've gone out to lunch with friends, to the park, to the Lincoln Zoo, and a few other places.  It is odd for me to have a free hand when walking around the zoo or in a busy parking lot.  It's so quiet at lunch as my one little munchin eats his sandwich and me my "healthy choice" microwave meal. 

It's been an adjustment period, one I am not quite sure I will get used to (what am I saying? give me another few weeks. ;)...but we are finding our new stride together.

I actually am kind of enjoying just Ethan around the house, but I sure do miss my Jackson and Brennan...and Ethan does, too.  He is very excited when I tell him it is time to go "get the Guys" after nap time each day.

Have you made the drop from many kids to just one and how did those of you left at home deal with it?  We've watched lots of Toy Story 3 and Curious George while I've worked...

2 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

Even though we have been super busy while B is in school Sissy is always ready to get her! One of these days Sis and I will get into our own routine and it will be easier for both of us

Stacy Hutchinson said...

With the boys in school, it's just me and Afton. I love the quiet; I love the quality time with her; I love the low stress shopping in public. Our weather was awesome last week, so we went to the park almost every day. I think we might go stroll around the mall today and take a ride on the carousel that will only cost me $2 instead of $6! She asks about her "budders" every once in a while, but she's adjusting well.