Friday, September 2, 2011

I had no clue they made baby valium

Red splotches, tousled hair, a frown, and was quite a morning

But I do now!  (I wish I had some for Ethan for that long car trip to LA, lol)   My normally happy to go to the dentist child turned into a wild man this week at his semi-annual checkup.  And of course, he has TWO cavities, so he has to go back in a month to have them filled.  And when he goes back, Dr. B gave me a script for some baby valium!  It's a very low dosage to help him relax before he gets the gas to have the cavities filled.  I bet Dr. B was wishing he'd given Jack some of that BEFORE the reg. scheduled cleaning appointment.  Even with Jack acting like a crack addict stranded on a desert island (I imagine they'd freak out and scream and cry and kick a lot), Dr. B and his staff were still very kind and gentle with Jack...even when Dr. B personally held him for X-Rays.  
I will happily oblige and give Jack some, if it means we don't have to go to a hospital and have him put to sleep to fill cavities.  Brennan had that done in 2007, and we are still paying on that!  (Um, check with your insurance...never assume it's a "network" hospital just b/c a network dentist recommended it!  And I bet if you paid more then $10 a month, you'd pay it off faster, too, but I am in no rush)  I wish he'd recommended it to me then.  The weird thing is, ever since Brennan had that experience, he's LOVED going to the dentist...I think Dr. B did a mind altering  surgery at the same time as he filled the cavities.  Yes, that is it for sure.

Hopefully Jack won't behave like this again, or I might need to invest in a taser...and some more baby valium.  For ME.

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Lori O said...

that sounds almost exactly like what happened with max when he went. except no baby valium--the dentist just said we'd wait and see on the cavity. maybe in six months he'll do better. if not then sedation here we come! good luck