Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Loving My New Sling By Posh Papoose

Sleeping on the airplane on the way to Tampa. The flight attendants did not let me leave it on when we took off, but Ethan fell asleep during take off so as soon as we were up, I put the sling on and he stayed asleep, thus allowing me to sleep, too.

At the airport as we are about to leave Jamie (sniff, sniff) I threw Ethan in the sling, had Jack in the stroller and we were good to go. The cool thing about this sling is that since the ring sling part is plastic, you don't have to take it off to go through security, so my sleepy baby was able to stay close as I walked through the metal detector!

I got a great new baby sling from Posh Papoose. It's a stylish ring sling and let me tell is fantastic. When Ethan was born, I got this sling from a great friend, and really liked it...but he has outgrown it (even though they say it goes through toddlerhood) and I am scared he will fall out of the bottom of it.
I wanted something that would be comfortable on me AND easy to use. This was. It's shoulder and back are padded for me, the baby ring sling's ring part is easy to pull and tighten the top part or the bottom (or both), and it is so darn cute that I kept looking at it and coordinated my outfit on the trip to Tampa to match.
This sling is handmade and very versitle. It fits newborns to about 30 lbs or so. Ethan is topping the scales at 23-24 lbs. and I wore this sling all over the Tampa Airport, at the beach (it was a hike to get there!), to the pool, to church last week in Omaha and plan on using it for a long time to come. Not once was I worried Ethan's fatty thighs would break through the bottom and have him fall out (he has slipped out of the other sling). When we got the sling, Jackson wanted a turn and I put 34 lb. Jackson in there and took him for a short walk around the living room. It was a bit heavy with him in it, but not too badand would work if for some reason I had to tote Jackson for a bit.

Oh, and it has this pocket on the bottom. A pocket that when I wore the baby sling to church last week, someone made fun of...until I used it to stash the pitcher of water I was carrying to nursery in, thus freeing my hands to do something else. :) Then, at the airport, I used the pocket to stow our boarding passes and my camera. At the beach, I threw the sunscreen in it. I now love this darn pocket that is built into the bottom. It is the perfect place to store my digital camera.
So, I just wanted to share the best baby sling I've ever used with you. I hope you try one from Rachel if you want one...she's got a ton of fabric choices and I bet it will be hard to narrow it down to just one!