Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Countdown Begin!

One of these two kids is going to Kansas City on Saturday.
The Kansas City Airport.
Where he will then be escorted through security by his very brave mother and handed over to a lovely flight attendant for Southwest.
This lovely flight attendant (AKA: The Stylist if you ask Bren) will then seat him on the plane where he will then talk some poor, unsuspecting stranger's ear off for the three hour flight to New Orleans.
At the New Orleans Airport, his Papa Jeff and Grandma Cupcake will be waiting for him with open arms for a week of fun (with no Mommy, Jackson, Daddy, or Ethan!) before his family joins him.
I can't wait!

(Is it wrong that I am counting down the days to only being in charge of two kids for a few days?)

7 Words to brighten my day:

Stacy Hutchinson said...

You are very brave! And I don't see anything wrong with being a little excited about having a little less noise around the house for a week.

Crissy said...

Just out of curiousity..why KC and not Eppley?

I'd be nervous as heck but excited to be going from 3 to 2. Just think..when Jackson and Ethan go down for a nap..you'll have the house to yourself. (Which I'm sure will be time used to pack, right?)

Dawne said...

It's not bad at all! Enjoy it! :)

Lexi said...

I remember flying solo when I was a kid once too and thinking it was such an adventure. It was a little scary, but still a lot of fun. Enjoy the reduced volume level! :-)

Megan R. said...

My parents used to shove me on a plane all the time to fly to my Grandparents! I LOVED it!

How come he's not flying out of Omaha?

Bren said...

You are brave indeed but I can understand the excitement too!

Jessica said...

It is a straight shot from Kansas City to New Orleans. It is closer to drive to Omaha and for my parents to drive to Jackson, MS, but unaccompanied minors have to have direct flights.