Monday, July 6, 2009

First Popsicle (and free kids c.d. download)

One HAPPY baby boy!

Yes, I know I have been fussing at Bart about feeding Ethan banana pudding (even if it was hilarious to watch Ethan get furious when Bart slowed down the shoveling of banana-y goodness into Ethan's mouth to take a bite himself), but Sunday I gave Ethan a Popsicle. (BTW, Bart fed Ethan banana pudding THREE times in two should see the aftermath...g.r.o.s.s!)

I was so glad to see the sun shining after having an overcast Fourth that I thought it was a good way to celebrate.

He really liked it, esp. the wooden stick part. Silly matter how many times I turned that darn popsicle around, he just flipped it around again and started chewing on the stick!

Jackson was not quite so excited for Ethan's treat...Jack wanted one...bad...but did not earn one because he did not eat his baked beans and that was the deal.
Well, Ethan didn't have to eat baked beans (but he did eat his dinner first) but you know what I mean.

Doesn't he just look SO SAD?
Before you go feeling all sad and sorry for the boy...let me just tell you, he ate a few pieces of parade candy right before dinner so it's not like he had NO sweets, just no popsicles. (Not that the parade candy was great, but I am pretty sure he ate at least 2 different dum-dums)

Finding Joy in Popsicles...check

Finding Joy in Jon&Kate Plus 8's obsession with bibs on toddlers...check.

UPDATED: I just got an email from Charity from the JamBand and her c.d. Rock Your Socks Off (it was a giveaway in May) is FREE right now...all you do is enter SiSiJAMS at check-out. I just downloaded it. After you "buy" it, you get an email sending you the link to download the music. We ♥ Charity and the JamBand so this is great!

Hurry, the giveaway ends @ 10 p.m. PST 7/7!

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