Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom, Can you please...

That is one phrase I hear a lot.

While I am grateful for my children's (pseudo-)good manners, it gets old.

Really old.

Especially when Brennan is asking, "Mom, will you please pull apart these LEGOS?" five point two million times in one hour. Why don't LEGOS have a self destruct button? Every time I pull them apart and crack a nail, I silently curse Uncle Justin for giving nephew Brennan his entire childhood collection of LEGOS.

Oh, and b/c I know every one of you is just chomping at the bit to buy Brennan a birthday present, you can just get LEGOS. Big pack, small pack, does not matter. This child is addicted and there is no slowing him down.

Or, maybe you don't want to get Brennan a gift. Maybe you don't even know Brennan. BUT you DO need to get another boy turning five or six a present.

I recommend LEGOS. They have provided me with HOURS and HOURS of freedom during the babies nap times. I think even if a child seems to not be interested in them, he will play with them. Bakugan, Ben Ten, Star Wars the Clone Wars are all fads. Kids have a room full of balls and trucks and trains. Books are always good, but then what reading level to buy? Brennan is well beyond a kindergarten level.

So, save yourself some time and energy and cruise down the LEGO aisle next time you need a present. You won't be sorry.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Dawne said...

I love playing with Legos, too. Ryan still has all of his from childhood (and teenage years) saved up for the boys.

Lori said...

Every phrase Isabel speaks begins with "Mom" Some days I swear I'll go crazy if I hear my "name" one more time. I'm glad the legos provide some quiet time. =D