Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am ♥ing the BabyLegs

We got a package today...with not one but TWO pairs of BabyLegs. How cool and fun is that?
We were on our way to the park and tested out the "Cool" kind, which are UPF protection of 50+ feature a lightweight single-ply mesh design.

Both boys really loved them...poor little Ethan didn't get to wear them, but he was in the shade the whole time, so that is okay.

At the end of our almost three hour park date, I asked Jackson if he was hot in them and he said he was not.
I'll leave it to you if you want to believe him or not.

When we got home, Brennan put his back on (he'd taken them off during sand tunneling time) and is outside at his Soda Shop right now...more on that tomorrow.

Enter HERE to win some. You've got until June 10th.

I really liked that they were not girlie looking. Lots of stuff is mostly girlie looking and I want to scream, "HELLO! SOME OF US HAVE BOYS!" so they will start to make boy stuff, too.

In other news...why can't my kids figure out how to CLOSE the door when they go outside? I am staring at an open door right now. Argh.

Also, the circus is tomorrow and we are all excited about that. Then the next weekend the College World Series begins. I have a whole post forming about it...for now, I will tell you that we are probably going to go to the family day stuff the first day. Free baseball related activities equals fun in my book. AND it is the last year at Rosenblatt, so you just CAN'T miss that. Really. I even knew what Rosenblatt was when we lived in Baton Rouge b/c of LSU. I remember Ms. Glenda was SOOOOO sick and the CWS was on t.v. in her room. Ms. Glenda was a forever fan of LSU, as are we. I realllllllly hope they whip butt these last few games and get out here to bring it all home!

2 Words to brighten my day:

Diana said...

so they aren't just for legs?? gues i've not heard of them before.
way cute on your boys!!

Unknown said...

Call me crazy...but first of all I would have never thought of these for boys, and 2nd for the arms!! What a cool idea!! And of course you have great taste in the baby legs that your adorable boys are wearing! =)