Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mixing It Up

I have a plan.
A very "bite off more then you can remember to chew" plan.
See, to mix up the way the baby books look, I decided to take a picture of Ethan every day for one entire year. I was going to do the same spot every day, but that won't work when we are in LA or on days I forget until the night and am too tired to go to that spot or have to snap it while Peanut sleeps.
We'll see how it goes, but I am excited at how the outcome will look.

I need a name.
A nickname to be exact. Brennan's nickname: Bren or Bren-Bren (as a small child)
Jackson's nicknames: Jack, Jackers, Goober Butt (very popular right now)
What to nickname Ethan? E.E. sounds awful. E.P. nope. See...I guess it will come on its own, but until it comes, I wait, patiently...

I got a gift.
Lexi sent Ethan one of these great slings. I am very excited for him to be old enough to try it out. I'm going to go here and here to see other ways to wear the sling...I just need to find the time between naps (his and mine). I also want to watch the video...eventually.

I entered a contest.
Go here and enter, too. We were looking at some really neat building blocks similar to these, so if I win these, I'd be in heaven! Good luck.

I found an old Brennan-ism.
I wrote this down at church one Sunday and just found it in a notebook.
"Oh, nuts! Now when I grow up I have to be two people's brother, Jack and Fat Baby. I think I can handle that."

That's all for now!

4 Words to brighten my day:

The Nettles Family said...

I am working on your gift...realized that I had no time left a little too late! I will get it out soon :) Congratulations...Ethan is adorable!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

One of Ian's many nicknames is Baby E. Try it.

thecaillouets said...

i like the nickname bubby. Sophia has become sister to brooklyn. the nickname will come naturally.

Lexi said...

I call Peyton bebe sometimes {like bee bee}. It means baby in french but it kinda incorporates E in there a little bit. Like everyone else {and you yourself} said, it will pop out one day and stick. Pretty soon you'll have dozens!