Monday, April 25, 2011

Why stop at 1000 posts today? Easter!

So, sometimes I build things up in my head.
Surprised? No. Oh, okay.

So, I had built up Easter in my head.  Planned beautiful boys in handsome outfits hunting eggs in a green yard with flowering bushes. 


The bushes are just barely buds.
The grass is still brown *zoysha*.
I didn't LOVE any clothes for the boys Easter clothes, so Brennan wound up with a vest and a bow tie that did not match but he liked it.
Brennan didn't want to take pictures.
It was a bit too chilly and wet to hide eggs outside for my liking.

So...Jackson and Brennan found eggs in the house...while Ethan slept for another hour and a half!  Then they re-hid ten eggs for Ethan when he woke up!
This is his "pose"and he does it ALL.THE.TIME.

We did go outside to take some pictures before church.  Ethan's outfit was too darling not to!  And since this is my last year I will ever be allowed to dress any of my boys "sissy", he had a sailor outfit (thanks Aunt Jamie!)

The sailor outfit was adorable...except that part where Ethan's sheer mass started popping buttons off.
It started in the car on the way to church.
I noticed as we walked in that one had fallen off.
But, I didn't let that worry me...I mean, who cares, right?
Well, during the opening song, another button popped off.
And another.
and another.
Soon he was down to two buttons.  It was not looking good, especially as the entire back side of his outfit hung precariously to his torso.
So, I turned to Bart in a bit of a panic, "Bart, I don't have any clothes for Ethan.  he is about to be naked!"  He became my super hero, left church, and got Ethan new clothes.  Since Target (five minutes away) was closed, he had to go home (fifteen minutes away) and miss the end of services and half of Sunday School.  Way to take one for the team, honey!

By the time Bart returned, we were in nursery and I'd taken the pants off the outfit.  The shirt is a cropped top, because it is a highwaisted outfit. So, there was Ethan, light blue sailor top, belly, light blue and green polka dotted diaper, bare legs, white socks, and sperry shoes (or something, the cousin who gave them to me said they were fancy shoes.  I'll take her word!)
He looked like the missing Village Person.  (If there ever was a VP missing?)

And I didn't think to take a picture!  I may have to recreate the moment so you all can see how freaking AWESOME E looked...or course, I'd rather not pay for tons of therapy later on, so maybe not.

However, Easter was nice.  The ham was good.  Pioneer Woman came through yet again with her homemade mac n cheese.
And the banana pudding, well...that just made my day!  I think I should just drop out now of this weight loss race with my sister...she's winning and this BP is not helping my case at all.  Is it wrong to leave a spoon in the pan of leftover pudding and eat just one tiny bite throughout the day???  Just wondering aloud here folks, not saying anybody has actually done that...

3 Words to brighten my day:

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Now that is an eventful Easter! I can totally relate. It is extremely hard work to make those kids look picture perfect for Easter Sunday and there's always something that foils the plans. All you can do is laugh, right?

Cathi said...

Where did you get their Easter pails? I tried finding some pails like that for my kids this year and couldn't find them!

Kristen said...

She's also beating you with the help of a weight loss clinic. I don't think it's a fair bet anymore...just saying.