Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vala's Pumpkin Patch,in pictures with captions

Riding the Train.  The boys ran to the caboose and I just let them.  Thank you to my friends who kept them safe.  :)
on the hayrack ride to get a pumpkin.  Jack and Bella are sitting by their old Sunbeam teacher, whom they adore.
TRUE STORY:  Bella got BIT by that camel.  It actually drew blood.  The Vala's worker selling pet food did not seem to even care though...I guess a lot of people don't read the sign that says don't feed them by hand (my kids did the same thing, it's just poor Bella had a bit of bad luck!)
Brennan is in a phase where he makes the silliest faces...all the time.  I took maybe twenty pictures of him and this is the only one that was nice.
That night we participated in a campfire with some friends from church.  Even though there was a bit of confusion for a moment, it was a really great time and I am so glad we got to be part of it.
The mess from the campfire supper.  Sigh.
We love Vala's Pumpkin Patch and we love going with MOM!  This year I organized our "field trip" and it was well attended, though not as big as last years event.  With the help of a spreadsheet made by Bart and some Nazi like posts on MOM (Do not come late.  Bring exact change.  Etc, etc.), and some last minute helping hands, the entry went flawlessly...last year it was a bit bewildering.  :)
Totally worth every penny...the boys and I made some great memories and we were so glad it worked out so Bart could join us for the firepit!
So, if you visit Omaha during the month of October, take a FULL DAY and go enjoy Vala's Pumpkin Patch...it is SO much more then just pumpkins!

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