Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ain't No Tooth Fairy

JACKSON, age 4
BRENNAN, age 7
ETHAN, age 21 M

I've never feared going to the dentist.  I guess I am lucky in that regard.
Well, I never feared going to the dentist until I took Brennan for the first time in about 2006 for the first time. It was an overall unpleasant experience and one I chose to not relive again...for quite a while.
Once we moved to Omaha, though, I felt I needed to try again, set a good example.  Luckily we found a great dentist who is patient and kind and helped Brennan over come his fear and calmed my frayed dental nerves as well.
This week Ethan went to the dentist for the first time.  I was very nervous, remembering how Brennan had bit the first dentist and how ugly the dentist has been about that and his scared behaviors.
My worries were in vain, as the staff was so kind and caring for Ethan.  He didn't cry at all, though he was concerned from time to time. 
The other children got their teeth cleaned at the same time and I think it helped Ethan to see his big brothers also laying down getting their teeth cleaned.
So, here's to six more months of good dental hygiene.  Thank you Dr. H!!!

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Danielle said...

Sometimes I think finding a great dentist is worth more than finding a diamond in the sandbox!