Monday, March 1, 2010

So Excited!

Do you have ANY idea how excited I am that the highs this week for the city of Omaha are ABOVE FREEZING every single day in the 10 day outlook? That one day, it MIGHT even reach 50 degrees...I am giddy.

Bye Bye snow. See you next year sucker.

I am going to find my Easter decorations after work to celebrate. Then, I am going to design an Easter appliqued shirt for Mr. Ethan and friends.

Man, I am pumped...I hate the sand at the beach but this year I want to appreciate EVERY aspect of being warm, including sand between my butt crack, sweat dripping down my spine, and the smell of sunscreen! I don't care if I do have a muffin top pouch...I am wearing my swimsuit and you can just suffer in silence (OR maybe I will get my butt in gear w/ a new DVD series my friend just gave me and be HOT like Jamie girl this summer. It could happen, but I think eating Girl Scout Cookies for lunch is NOT in that diet...)

Okay, so my ranting and raving is over. Let me just say one last time I AM SO EXCITED FOR WARMER WEATHER!

I think I might start spring cleaning! Won't Bart be surprised when he gets home from his trip!

What are you doing to celebrate the upcoming warmer weather? Do you love winter or count down the days til the first bloom of the daffodils?

4 Words to brighten my day:

Unknown said...

I hear ya~ I am in North Central Iowa- lots of ice and snow to melt- But I'm loving these 30-32 degree temps we are having and supposed to have the rest of the week! I am as excited as you~ Bring Spring ON!

Amber said...

Yeah, I ate girl scout cookies for lunch too. Darn those yummy things. And I wanna look like Jamie too. Cute picture of you two.

Messy Mommy said...

Don't get too excited. We live in Nebraska remember? :) You never know what might happen. On Saturday it was 50 degrees here and on Sunday it snowed! UGH!

Stacy Hutchinson said...

Amen sistah! Spring is my FAVORITE season. Winter is LAME. I can't wait to be outdoors every waking moment, soaking up the sun, enjoying the azaleas blooming everywhere, and the SPRINKLER PARK is on the horizon! I had a newborn last summer, so this summer is looking a lot brighter for us all. And you know what? I just realized that Ian's only beach experience was when he was three months old. That's going to change this year!