Monday, February 6, 2012

What the SNOW?

We've had the  mildest winter yet (we have been here since 2007) here in Omaha, when the skies opened up and dumped snow on us Saturday, the boys were ECSTATIC!
The snow still has the boys giddy, two days later (which is good, because there is a lot of it!) and it is so cute to watch them play and have fun in such a winter wonderland.
Ethan seems to think a yard stick is a great toy lately and had it out in the snow.  This mostly meant he flicked small chunks of snow onto our lovely snow free driveway, which meant I mostly fussed at him to STOP ruining such a lovely snow free driveway.  I gave up after a few minutes though and moved on to checking out Brennan's progress on his fort.
Now, Brennan did not build a door into his fort, claiming he can just jump over the top and get into it.
This is very true as his fort is only a few inches (maybe 12?) tall and easy to do.
He started by clearing the floor around the base so he'd have a snow free place to sit and wait to attack Jackson.  Yep.  he built that fort for the single purpose of hiding and attacking Jackson with snowballs.
However, Jackson is one smart boy and went inside before Brennan finished his masterpiece.  :)

The only sad part about all this snow (for the boys)?  It happened on Saturday, so by Monday morning, all the roads were nice and clear and there were no snow days from school.

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