Monday, January 2, 2012


What is your favorite sandwich?

Is it a ham and cheese, nestled between some tomatoes and lettuce?

Perhaps it is the more classic, PB&J?
Whether your sandwich is simple (yet made wildly famous by Uncle Justin using tons of butter when making a grilled cheese) or fancy (I love all these sandwiches shops all over!), sandwiches are delicious....even after watching Bridesmaids and seeing sandwiches in a totally new light.

But, my most FAVORITE sandwich of all is a JESSICA sandwich.

Here's how you make it:

Take TWO of the most awesome Jess/Jessie/Jessica's around (that's your "bread")
Add ONE Brennan
And ONE Jackson
And ONE dirty and unwilling Ethan who had to wear his pj's all afternoon b/c he had a potty accident and had no more clean and dry pants.  Clean and in the washing machine?  Yes, but dry?  Not for another hour.
And BAM!  You've got one AWESOME sandwich!

I am so glad I got to spend some time with Jess (my brand new for just a few months and we still haven't scared her off yet!) my sister in law, and Justin, my brother, for a few days after Christmas.  We all really enjoyed our time together and I hope they did as well, even if my boys are loud and messy and whiny sometimes.
I'd have to say, after a trip two hours away (after she had to get up super early to get to my parents house in time for us to leave by 11 or so) for shopping at Lowe's, a photo shoot, scouting out a cupcake shop, eating dinner at Raisin' Canes, and a trip to the bookstore all in one long day, I think I provided her with an excellent motivator to NOT have any babies until after grad school. ;)
I just wish we could have made this sandwich Amazing by making it a CLUB sandwich by adding some Jeni bread and Brooklyn and Sophia stuffings as well!

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